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Bale Press Machine

Bale press machines are a piece of industrial machinery used to compress and bind materials into manageable, compact bales. These are used in manufacturing facilities, farming operations, recycling facilities, and other sectors where huge volumes of commodities must be effectively handled, stored, or transported.

Shorting Conveyor

Shorting conveyor for swach bharat abhiyan is a conveyor system intended to direct or sort goods or packages into various routes or locations. To speed up the sorting and distribution operations, it is employed in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities.

Industrial Shredders

Industrial shredders are primarily used to reduce bulky materials into smaller, easier-to-handle fragments. These are robust equipment used to shred various materials in order to minimise their size and volume. Industrial shredders are used in sectors like manufacturing, waste management, recycling, and even some office settings.

Hydraulic Power Press

Hydraulic power presses are comprised of a hydraulic pump, cylinders, valves, and hydraulic fluid. These are a device that applies force to an item using hydraulic pressure. Hydrualic power presses are used for activities including bending, straightening, punching etc.

Dust Remover Machine

Plastic dust remover machine is made to clean plastic materials of dust and other impurities. It is employed in facilities that handle plastic product manufacture and recycling. The machine normally comprises of a number of parts that cooperate to clean plastic materials in an efficient manner.

Fully automatic hydraulic power pack is a standalone device that produces and manages hydraulic power. A hydraulic pump, motor, reservoir, valves, filters, and an electrical control system are among its many parts. This machine works fast and provides maximum output.


Drum Baler

Heavy duty drum baler is a device used to compress and crush used or empty drums into smaller, easier-to-handle components. It is employed in fields that produce a lot of empty drums, like industrial companies, chemical facilities, and recycling facilities.

Big Cardboard Balers

Big cardboard balers are most commonly found in enterprises, retail establishments, warehouses, and recycling facilities where sizable amounts of cardboard packaging trash are produced. These are heavy-duty machines that are used to compress massive amounts of cardboard trash into manageable, compact bales.